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  1. 太原理工大学物理与光电工程学院,山西太原030024
  • 出版日期:2016-04-20 发布日期:2016-04-20

Analytical solution of equation of mathematical physics in the waveguide system loaded with nearly-zero-index-metamaterials and simulation by using COMSOL

  • Online:2016-04-20 Published:2016-04-20

摘要: 近零折射率超材料波导中加载介质缺陷的电磁波传输特性的分析归结为"数学物理方法"中亥姆霍兹方程非齐次边值问题的求解,可采用多种求解偏微分方程的方法进行分析.本文用分离变量法对这一问题的两个典型实例进行了解析求解,并通过基于有限元法的多物理场耦合仿真软件COMSOL Multiphysics进一步对照,从而验证了理论分析的正确性.对更一般的问题采用COMSOL进行了数值计算和仿真,其适用性更为普遍.

关键词: 近零折射率超材料, 亥姆霍兹方程边值问题, 分离变量法, 数值法

Abstract: The transmission characteristics of electromagnetic wave in the waveguide system,filled with nearly- zero- index- metamaterials and loaded with dielectric defects,belongs to the problem of Helmholtz equation with non- homogeneous boundary value in the source of the method of mathematics. It can be solved by a variety of methods for solving partial differential equations. In this paper,the separation variables method is used for solving two typical examples. Furthermore,the software named COMSOL multi- physics,which is based on the finite element method,is used for simulation,and the correctness of theoretical analysis is certified. For more general problems,numerical calculation and simulation by COMSOL are more commonly applied.

Key words: nearly-zero-index-metamaterials, problem of Helmholtz equation with boundary values, separation variables method, numerical method


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