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  1. 渭南师范学院物理与电气工程学院,陕西渭南714099
  • 出版日期:2016-04-20 发布日期:2016-04-20

GONG Zutong pioneering contributions in the optical industry of China's military

  • Online:2016-04-20 Published:2016-04-20

摘要: 依据原始期刊文献,研究近代光学专家龚祖同对中国军用光学工业的科学贡献.结论认为,龚祖同专于应用光学设计与光学玻璃的研制,设计并生产出中国第一部军用双目"中正式望远镜",设计并试制成功80公分倒影测远镜;制成了中国第一架红外夜视望远镜;熔炼出中国第一埚光学玻璃等,开创了中国近代光学设计、光学仪器与光学玻璃制造、夜视技术与高速摄影研制的先河,将毕生精力奉献给了祖国的国防建设事业.

关键词: 龚祖同, 光学工业, 光学玻璃, 光学设计

Abstract: Based on the original journal articles,the science contribution of the modern optics expert Gong Zutong in applied optics industry is studied. It is concluded that Gong Zutong specialized in application of optical design and optical glass,designed and produced China's first military binocular "officially telescope "telescope,designed and successful trial machine gun sight and reflection measured 80 cm telescope; made China's first aircraft infrared night vision; crucible melting China's first optical glass,created a Chinese modern optical design,optical instrument manufacturing night vision technology and optical glass industry precedent. He spent his whole life dedicated to the building of national defense of the motherland,especially for the development of applied optics China made important contributions to the cause.

Key words: GONG Zutong, optical industry, optical glass, optical design


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