College Physics ›› 2021, Vol. 40 ›› Issue (2): 48-51.doi: 10.16854 /j.cnki.1000-0712.200212

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Exploration and study of improving course teaching quality based on bottom line management

LI Chen-xia,SHEN Wei-min,SHEN Chag-yu,KANG Juan,ZHANG Yan,   FEN Gui-lan,JIN Shang-zhong   

  1. College of Optoelectronic Technology,China Jiliang University,Hangzhou,Zejiang310018,China
  • Received:2020-05-26 Revised:2020-09-16 Online:2021-02-20 Published:2021-03-02


Aiming at the problems of outdated teaching methods,lax process management,serious non-rigorous

exam process,and difficulty of teaching quality control in traditional specialty courses,teachers of optical principles

at China Jiliang University have explored and reformed the bottom-line management teaching.Through passing exams,

basic training systems,formative evaluation reforms and other methods,students can truly meet the basic requirements

of the curriculum,instead of allowing students to pass the curriculum assessment by reducing the difficulty

of the test papers,narrowing the scope of the exams,and even disguised questions.Solving the problems that

students,teachers and administrators are most concerned about in the course teaching at present.For students,they

can solve the basic problems in the course learning in a timely manner without significantly increasing the burden,

fully understand the basic methods and efforts of the course assessment,and clear ways to improve their ability and

obtain help from teachers.Practice has shown that teaching reform based on bottom-line management has achieved

good results in improving student learning efficiency,reducing teachers'repetitive work,and improving the quality of

curriculum teaching.

Key words:  , bottom line management, passing exams, basic training systems, teaching reform