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  1. [1]南开大学物理科学学院,天津300071 [2]武警后勤学院基础部,天津300309
  • 出版日期:2016-01-25 发布日期:2016-07-19

Discussion on the experiment of liquid surface tension coefficient by the pull-off method

  • Online:2016-01-25 Published:2016-07-19

摘要: 从利用拉脱法进行液体表面张力系数测量时误差过大入手,比较了该方法与其他方法相比存在的优劣,具体介绍了拉脱法的原理,分析了弹簧和金属丝的状态对实验结果的影响,以及拉膜过程快结束时,刻线移动的异常现象.

关键词: 拉脱法, 表面张力系数, 焦利氏称

Abstract: As the error is too large when the liquid surface tension coefficient with pull-off method is measured. We compare this method with other methods, introduce the principle of the pull-off method, analyze the impact of state of the springs and wire on the experimental results, and explaine the unusual movement of engraved line near the end of the pulling of the film.

Key words: pull-off method, surface tension coefficient, Jonly scale


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